Acuitas VIP Members are Perfecting Twisted SMA

The Acuitas VIP trading group has been putting the trading bot through its initial tests and the feedback could not be better.

It’s too late to join the VIP group; however, it’s not too late to see the results and join the Acuitas community.  This is the beginning of a series to highlight the VIP member progress testing the strategies available on the trading platform.

The new trading platform seamlessly allows members to easily backtest a trading pair on the historical data, tweak, test and retest again.

Backtest Acuitas Twisted SMA

Then, when confident with performance on the historicals, transfer to paper trading on real-time data, tweak, adjust, and adjust again to maximize profit.

Paper trade Acuitas Twisted SMA


Test without Risk

As of this writing, we are just bringing live trading online and our members are confident they can deploy strategies using the Acuitas platform to make profits.

Live Trading with Acuitas

Acuitas Trading Platform

When you join Acuitas, you get more than a trading platform. You join a community of experienced cryptocurrency, equity, and FOREX traders. The secret sauce is our members’ ability to apply their experience seamlessly to a platform, transitioning from back testing to paper trader to live trading in the same Tradingview charts that they are used to performing technical analysis. No other trading bot makes planning, testing and trading easier.

Over the next few weeks I will highlight strategies, the ease of configuration and the results.

It’s not too late to get in early to the only trading bot offering Tradingview continuity. Visit Acuitas and get in on the pre-order opportunity while it is still available. The live trading beta is currently available to our VIP and pre-order members.



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