Buy Into Crypto Before the Economy Busts

Buy Crypto Before the Economy Busts - Acuitas You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to recognize that there has to be an end to the booming US economy. The cycle has been in an upturn for the past ten years. If you believe in historical economic cycles, it is due for a reset. I’m not going to debate how big or small the reset will be, but no one will likely argue given historical business cycles that the US economy is due or overdue for a down cycle.

What caught my attention recently was an article in CCN that addressed the large growing US debt. When it downturns, it will lead to a boom in the cryptocurrency market.

There is no shortage of cryptocurrency and mainstream pundits currently on the same page. From Ray Dalio to Larry Fink to Erik Voorhees, between them there is no disagreement that the US debt (in excess of 21 trillion dollars) cannot sustain economic growth.  Instead, the debate surrounds when it is going to end.

When an economic downturn occurs, investors look for avenues to protect and maintain wealth. Historically, safe havens for protecting wealth have been precious metals, art, real estate, and similar items that are considered stores of value. We have seen with the introduction of Bitcoin a great debate arise as to whether it is a store of value, similar to these other assets.

We have seen in practice, citizens in countries with economies in trouble turn to cryptocurrency to protect their wealth (i.e., Venezuela, Turkey, and Greece). When local fiat currencies become devalued overnight, it leaves very little opportunity for the average citizen to move their fiat currency into these historical safe havens.  It’s typically only the elite that have this advantage.

Since the evolution of Bitcoin and the many other alt coins, the average citizen with a cell phone can quickly shift fiat currency to cryptocurrency.  The thrust of the article is that we will see a surge in cryptocurrency growth as economies downturn.

I agree and would add to the conversation not to wait until the downturn comes to make that move. The author cites that many industry experts are predicting a financial crisis by the end of 2020. It can be debated with foreign economies continuing to falter or live on the brink of default that an accelerated domino effect can occur and hit before the average citizen can be prepared.

The time to be involved with cryptocurrency is now.

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