Cryptocurrency FUD: Credit Card Giant Doesn’t Buy Into It

Cryptocurrency FUD: Credit Card Giant Doesn't Buy Into It - AcuitasCredit card giant, American Express, isn’t buying the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) surrounding cryptocurrency. Amex recently spoke at a conference in Madrid, where they disclosed that the company’s investment into a fintech lab (based on block chain technology) is to explore leveraging blockchain technology.

As reported by Bitcoin News, American Express has a strong interest in Ripple for cross-border transactions. Early testing has demonstrated the speed and transparency that is possible using the cryptocurrency.

American Express’ representative, Carlos Carriedo, at the Wings of Change Europe conference is quoted saying, “The future is definitely digital. Digital is the way payments will continue to be across both the consumer part of the business and the commercial part of the business.”

If you are looking for signs to help weather the beating the cryptocurrency market has been taking in 2018, look no further than a multiple-national billion dollar corporation that’s been around for 168 years. Continuing in the background to quietly invest into the technology, American Express is not wavering because they, like us, understand that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

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