Beware of Fake News Surrounding Cryptocurrency

Beware of Fake News Surrounding Cryptocurrency - AcuitasFakes news,  “truth isn’t truth”, and the Russians are hacking are prevalent topics in the United States today.

As members of the cryptocurrency community, we know well what it is to be subjected to manipulation through fake news. We couldn’t have FOMO with out some good fake news.

Recently, several articles that addressed the issue of fake and biased news sent me down the rabbit hole. All the authors identified the prevalent issues involved with sponsored and biased reporting, how the industry is affected and then identify unbiased sources for the reader.

The articles by Crypto Briefing and Break Mag, which I found the most intriguing, both reference the same investigative author, Corin Faife. Faife, a frequent contributor to CoinDesk, methodically contacted 28 blockchain media sites using a fake cover story that identified him as a representative of a PR company with ICO clients. He was looking to have coverage written about them and contacted 28 outlets in total asking about advertising and rates.  22 of the 28 responded to a basic inquiry about advertising. Astoundingly, when asked to write biased content, 12 of the 28 were willing to be paid to write a story without it being flagged as sponsored or paid content.

Usethebitcoin (UTB) published an article about unbiased writing. After reading about Corin Faife, I wanted to find out if both authors had come to the same conclusion.  The author makes similar claims and arguments about the damage of biased reporting, but when I compared the list, there were a couple of sites that are reported to be real news for UTB author and Fake news in Corin Faife’s investigation.

In my brief, un-scientific investigation, there were red flags in the UTB article.  UTB appears to be subjective piece of writing, unlike Corin Faife’s.  And the big flag for this writer is that the UTB article is written by an unidentified guest author.

So, I am going to be quick to conclude, given lack of investigative technique and anonymity of the author, that the UTB article may be fake news and biased.

The moral of the story is that every reader should dig deeper than a few articles, cross reference the information with multiple sources, and use common sense to come to your own individual conclusion.

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