The Next Generation Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Acuitas is an intuitive and comprehensive algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform intelligently designed to provide all the information that traders require to make profitable trades.












A New Trading Platform

We Solve the Complexity, Usability, and Community Issues Involved with Cryptocurrency Trading

Elegant, Intuitive Design

Designed from ground up to intuitively incorporate real time market information, trading tools, and access to our safe community and content.

Community Market Place

Collaborate with peers and expert traders to discuss and debate strategies and trends or buy, sell, and lease strategies.

Advanced, Professional Grade Strategy Builder

Visual Strategy Workspace (TM) gives you the ultimate edge for professional grade strategy building.

Complete Trading Platform

Complete Cycle from Analyzer -> Backtesting -> Paper Trading -> Live Trading

Our Core

What is Acuitas?

Acuitas is the World's Next Generation Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

The complete platform integrates an interactive dashboard, a community driven marketplace for buying, selling, and leasing of proven strategies, an advanced advisor and backtesting engines, along with the proprietary Visual Strategy Workspace to create a seamless and powerful trading experience.

  • Visual Strategy Workspace
  • Community Focused
  • Lease/Sell Proven Strategies
  • Multiple Exchanges Supported
  • Extensive Indicators
  • Backtesting, Paper Trading
  • Acuitas Analyzer
The Acuitas Solution

Unified crypto trading platform made simple

The Acuitas platform delivers an unparalleled crypto trading experience due to the simplicity of the design, giving new users a head start, as well as delivering powerful tools for the advanced trader.

Since the intimidation factor has been eliminated, beginners can start using the platform on day one with recommended pairs from the Analyzer Recommendation Engine. The Analyzer also includes options for paper trading to test forward within the defined strategy set and options to dial into any specific result for fine tuning and tweaking backtest parameters.

Experienced traders can dive into building chained strategies and backtesting with the feedback presented in real time. A wide variety of strategies are included with an advanced system of indicator chaining along with the largest set of indicators and strategies on the planet. Drag and drop for an intensely powerful trading engine.

Why Acuitas?

The First Unified Cryptocurrency Platform

The first unified platform encompassing algorithmic cryptocurrency trading, strategies, market information, market place and community.

Acuitas places the focus back on trading by eliminating the issues described with the current generation of algorithmic trading bots. There are no configurations files. The core set of strategies are hand picked for power and simplicity. Everything is displayed graphically making interaction with all portions of the platform easy and intuitive.

“Think of it like the Bloomberg Terminal of crypto trading. -Colin”

You don’t need IT knowledge to get Acuitas running and the chart & analysis tools are built in. With Acuitas, traders will find a home in the cryptocurrency world where they can learn and build a safe investment portfolio.

What does owning a single Acuitas License grant me?

We define 1 (one) Acuitas license as a running instance of the software. Each of the named products will contain a number of licenses within it, as well as other differences as listed. You can run as many instances of the software as you have within your purchased product.

1 License = 1 Exchange = 1 API keypair

  • 0.05 BTC

  • The Proficient Trader version is for the intermediate level trader. Maybe you feel handcuffed with Standard, but Pro just has more than you really care to use, this is where you want to be!
  • 2 Licenses

    Standard Historical Dataset Access

    Strategy Marketplace (Buyer)

    Community and Marketplace access

    Chat / Rumors / Speculation Feed / Trollbox

    25% discount on major version upgrade licenses

    Proficient Strategy Chaining (Link up to 5 - 5 on buy, 5 on sell)

    Special Proficient Trader Badge in Leaderboard

    Access to stable beta builds

  • 0.1 BTC

  • The Pro version is for experienced crypto traders. Features and benefits are all expanded and more advanced. Traders can sell their expertise and start a business on the platform.
  • All features in Standard and Proficient License plus:

    4 Licenses

    Expanded Historical Dataset Access (beyond Standard limit, market tick data when implemented)

    Advanced Strategy Chains (limited only by platform max allowed)

    Strategy Market Place (Buy/Sell/Lease)

    Leaderboard and contests access

    Signals token analysis and recommendations (When Blocksignals goes live)

    Top performers over time (weekly, monthly, annually)

    Access to reward system for top performers (when implemented)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes, you simply create an API Key on your exchange with permissions to read and trade your account. Once you give the bot this API Key it will then only have these same permissions. So there is never a worry of the bot itself somehow doing withdrawals.

How often will there be major updates?

We’ll do 12-18 month major version cycles. I, as a software customer as well, do not want a forever treadmill of upgrades. But also a business owner, you can’t keep chipping in free forever on the product.

How expensive will the major updates be?

Every major version upgrade will be 25% off for existing users, and 75% off for VIP license holders. We are speaking of major upgrades being on the order of 12-18 month cycles.

What is your LTS (Long Term Support) plan for the Bot product?

* 12-18 months between major revisions; this includes bug fixes and features
* LTS for 36 mos ? for major revisions only with bug fixes

How many installs come with the VIP Pro version?

You can install it as many times as you like. The licensing is tied to a number of API keys, not a number of installs or IP addresses.

How does the product handle bags or better yet, does it have a feature that prevents bags all together?

This is an involved question, one that we get a lot and have dealt with countless times ourselves. The TL;DR on this is yes, Acuitas will have features to handle bags, and more importantly will offer the trader many better options to enable not creating bad trades in the first place! Click here for a more verbose explanation.

What is the 6 months royalty free strategy sales?

We are really big on the idea that the community should be driving innovation, understanding that crowdsourcing strategies is the way forward. To this end, we are developing a system in which users of Acuitas can develop and hone strategies, ones that are proven out in the system in a provable fashion. The plan is to let creators and users within the system benefit from each other. Sage traders can lease out their work, and users that simply want to get started without all the work of learning the ropes can opt to lease/purchase strategies from traders in the Acuitas marketplace. Acuitas will charge a royalty on those transactions within the system. We anticipate this royalty rate being somewhere below 5%. VIP owners will be able to do this for 6 months free of charge.

Does the product actually handle purchase and sale of the coins via exchange?

You give Acuitas your API key pairs to enable trading on your behalf on the exchange itself. At no point do you need to deposit base currency with an Acuitas server or wallet to trade using the platform. At a later time, we may support AQS token wallets tied to users for use of transactions within the Acuitas platform.

I have read the black paper and require some clarification on this concept of purchasing additional packages within the platform, can you explain this please?

Good question! What we mean is Standard comes with the one exchange and a pair of API keys to use. You aren’t stuck with this level forever, you will be able to purchase a la carte upgrades to each license. We will price license upgrades such that it’s beneficial to buy a higher package tier, but we want to ensure our customers have value in current tiers and as much flexibility as they need.

What is your ETA on incorporating Binance trading within the platform?

Binance will be supported on product launch in Q4/2018.

Can you have multiple buy/sell strategies at the same time on a single coin?


Does Acuitas have the ability to adjust profit percentage?

Absolutely. In fact we are going to be implementing more than that, options to buy once, sell N times, etc. What this means is for instance; You bought ADA, and want to exit on GAIN of 2%. You have the option to sell 50% of your position at the level you set, letting the rest ride. Your next sell can be another GAIN rise from there, or an EMA crossing down, or any other strategy defined within Acuitas. This lets you lock in gains and still leave some to play with allowing for more profit, if this is the type of thing you like.

Does Acuitas utilize trailing buy or sell?

Yes. Acuitas has its own methods of trying to follow prices up and down. These are proprietary to Acuitas.

Will Mobile Apps be Available?

The current application is designed in a responsive HTML5 which will allow to be viewed on any device browser. We will address building a native IOS app some time after initial launch of the product.

Will the Product be Pegged to a Fixed Price?

Not initially. We assume that we will have to look at pegging when bitcoin rises. We have not thought pegging all the way through.

How will the Product accommodate new traders?

The standard license is .03 Bitcoin and will be available at product launch. We believe that it will be more than sufficient for a new trader to be successful.

What Exchange Platforms will the Product work on?

For product launch, we plan to have the majors, Binance, Bittrex and Poloniex supported.  We will continue to add exchanges consistently afterwards.

Will there be a Free Lite version for Learning?

At this time, no.  We are focused on getting a finished product out the door in late 4th qtr/2018. We are looking at roadmap additions in 2019 for demos and lite versions.

Is there a Demo available?

Currently there is not a demo available. We plan to issue a limited number of beta licenses to experienced cryptocurrency traders from the community to help test the finished product.  Contact us if you would like to be considered for beta testing.


– runs standalone, can access some basic platform features (without monthly fees) such as news and ticker info (basically the dashboard now)

– use a bot screen to connect to the platform and access the marketplace, content, and other things. we charge a monthly aqs fee for access to this

– saas hosting of pre-existing license(s). all the bot rules apply here


How it all Started and Where it's Going

2017 Development Timeline

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2019 Development Timeline

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